McDonald’s Frappe!

I’ve been hearing about this Frappe from McDonalds on TV commercial, but never tried it. Plus it just seems like another frozen drink that i can get anywhere, like starbucks, or pandera. Well just last month, my brother wanted one and he said that he loved it and got addicted to it. He wanted one so bad that he forced me to go to McD’s and get one, that’s when i told myself i needed to get one too. So i got one!

I tried teh Mocha, but i didn’t like it as much since it seemd to chocolately, so i’ve been getting the caramel! And i have to say, it’s SOOOOO freaken good! i’m addicted to it. So far, i’ve had 7! not a good thing. It’s going to make my butt look BIG! lOl. But still, good stuff to keep me awake in class! hahahha