May 1st, 2010

It’s the beginning of a new month and i’m stuck doing my usual things in life! get up, get ready, pack up, and leave for school! it’s a saturday, and yes, i have classes on saturday. What a better way to use my time for a saturday eh? Yeah, that’s what i told myself too.

I had a rough morning with my old lady calling me non stop about useless stuff, and than she came home and even bother me more! Ugh, i wanted to sleep until the very last minute before i had to get up and go to class. I didn’t want to dress up, not like i even do, and just wear my pajamas to class, which i do all the time. I don’t take long to get ready, and i don’t intend to make myself stand out in the crowd. I’m just an average asian who just want to go to school and get it over with so i can get on with my career.

I seriously think the years in school is useless! Seriously useless! Almost 1/4 of your life is dedicated to an education, and that’s only for like your BA. Now if you want your Master or PHD, thats’ another 2-8 more years. Seriously, school is so repetitive that by the time you realize that life is short, it’s already too late! Oh what the society teaches you about life! Gah…

yes, today, i’m just going to rant. All this things in my mind, no where to start, but i have to start somewhere! Life sucks right now! With school, families, money, economy, basically anything you can think of! Argh! Life! Why does one have to suffer to survive this life!? Argh…

Ok enoughof my rants, my brain is about to explode. argh!