Monday, May 3rd, 2010

I seriously need a life! I have one exam and two essays to write for my english literature class and I’m officially done with Spring semester. Now, i just have to worry about my summer classes. I’ve already picked out the classes, but i think i might just add another one into it to make it three classes. I know i won’t be doing much except for help around the house and the laundramat. I seriously need a life!

I’ve become such a bum that i dont’ want to work anymore. Yes, i’m not working at the moment, except taking on these home jobs, which is working out pretty good. I mean, i’m still surviving right? Gahhh…

This is jibberish stuff in my mind that i just need to let out and relieve some stress from myself. Hopefully i feel better, which i am right now. hahahha Oh geezer.

Ok, now my mind is blank! Totally blanK! Time to head out. 😀