Lets Celebrate!

I never took the spot to lead a group or anyone in my living years. I was more of the one in the back and just shout out ideas or make ideas better. I never thought i would actually have the guts to stand up and say, “I want to lead!” It was just attending the meeting and i came out to be the President, youth leader, for the Hmong youth program here in Oklahoma.

Well, last saturday, the Hmong organization of Oklahoma had a meeting for Hmong youth, to start up a program for the Hmong youth, and they were wanting to pick out a leader for it. Well, to be honest, I never had the intention to really become one, but i just wanted to be part of it. I wanted t meet new people, see new faces, just really be socialize since i’ve been out in my world for a while now. It’s time for me to go out there and really throw myself out there. I dragged my brother along with me to the meeting. I would say there were atleast 20 teens there that attended. Majority of them are children from the parents that were apart of the Hmong organization there already. It was me and a few other that didn’t have parents involve. The director and president gave their speeches of why they had the meeting, what their intentions were and or purpose of the meeting. It sounds interesting though.

Well, after all that talk about education, culture, Director Linda came out and ask us that we needed to nominate and pick a president for the program. Four were nominated, including me, and we each gave our one minute speech. I seriously did not think i would win this, since i thought someone else was better fit for the position. It turns out, i had the most tallys near my name and i was announce president of the program! I gotta say, it was a shocker, but at the same time, i was quite excited.

I’ve always wanted to make a difference, and maybe this is my calling; To make a difference in the hmong community here. HOpefully i’m not a disappointment and gain the trust of the community. I’m quite excited for this though, and can’t wait to get started. 😀 Yes! 😀

A meeting that i just wanted to be a part of became something outstanding that will change my life! Gah…. Excited. 😀