Fated Zaum No ~ Touger M Yang and Kao Yee Xiong

Here is a song that i ran across from a friend. It’s so good and so touching. I love the guy’s voice. So deep and show so much expression in his singing. Loving it! Enjoy guys. 😀 I hope you like it as much as i did. 😀 From what i’ve been reading and told was that this song was a musical in a show. Written by Touger M. Yang, Kao Yee Xiong and Richard Vang, but performed by Touger M. Yang and Kao Yee Xiong.

Singer: Touger M. Yang and Kao Yee Xiong
Song: Fated Zaum No

[Audio http://www.fileden.com/files/2009/10/16/2604450//Fated_Zaum_No.mp3%5D

Fated zaum no
ntev npaum no kuv tseem hlub koj ib leeg xwb
koj yog tus ua
tus ua rau kuv zoo siab
zaum no yeej tsis yuav tso koj mus
li lawm tus hlub
txoj kev hlub kuv yeej mauj rau koj
ib leeg vim kuv xav hlub koj

fated zaum no [koj ib leeg xwb]
kuv xav tsis txog [koj ib leeg xwb]
fated zaum no
kuv thiaj tau koj
xav txog tej lus
xav txog wb txoj kev hlub
kuv nrhiav thoob ntuj
nrhiav tsis tau
ib tug zoo npaum koj
kuv zoo siab luaj no
zoo siab luaj no
kuv thiaj tau nrog koj zaum no
hooo ohhh zaum no hooo
kuv tau koj

Here’s the MV to it, although it’s just pictures, but it’s their musical group. Love it. 😀 Very inspiring to push other hmong students to go for their dreams. 😀

Here is the Dl link to the song. 😀 Enjoy!