Sarp [Cursed] ~ Theeranai Na Nongkhai

I’m totally digging this song.  It totally matches the Lakorn that it played in; Scary and sad.  If you haven’t seen this lakorn yet, you have too! It’s a must see. It’s a Horror/Drama Lakorn, definately one of the best i’ve seen in 2010. Although the lakorn came out in 2009, its still good. I love the moral of the story too.  Want to know more about the lakorn, just look below and you’ll see my review.

Here is the main theme song of the Lakorn Sarp Phusa! Catchy, sad, and good!!

Singer: Theeranai Na Nongkhai
Song:  Sarp [Cursed]

Lyrics: Taken off of the subbed Lakorn by wishboniko .

i’ve cired until my tears have dried away
like a dead alive people like this
your’e so mean don’t care about me
though we have ever loved each other before

you also love other people
or you don’t have a heart.
it’s hurt so to see you
please enough now
from now on i will not give in

i will curse you to be hurt the same as me
i will curse you to get the retribution for what you have done
let the hurt teach you to not do this to anyone again
because that i’m hurt no matter how long it is

i never forgive you

i’ve waited everyday for you to be hurt and make a mistake
maybe in the day you will understand what you have done to me

Here is the Dl link to the song.