Sarp Phusa [Cursed Fabric] ~ Thai Lakorn Review

I’ve heard about this Lakorn for some time, but forgot all about it when i was talking to a friend and she mentioned about this lakorn again. I have to say, it was very good and love the moral of it too. This is no lakorn that goes dramatic with it, meaning it wasn’t dramatic. Each episode keeps getting better than the last one and that’s what made this Lakorn so good and so worth watching. i wouldn’t mind watching this lakorn again. It’s by far the best i’ve seen in 2010, this year! You have to love it. 😀 and the main theme song is so catching and love the lyrics too.

This lokorn was release in 2009, but the eng subtitles were release this year by wishboniko . The lakorn is completed, so you can go to her yt account and watch the lakorn.  Without wishbonika, i wouldn’t be able to watch this along with many non speaking thai people. Thank you Wisky!!  You can view her youtube by clicking on her name there.  There are 15 episodes, which isn’t long compare to other lakorn.  And the genre of this lakorn is a horror/drama.

Issariya Saisanan [Ae] – Maiphim [Mai]
Witthaya Wasukraipaisarn [Aun] – Patchara [Pat]
Chatayodom Hiranyatsathiti [Chai] –  Tawit  [Wit] / Prince Tad
Thayaret Aengtrakul [Thanya] – Princess Seeked
Nattarika Thammapreedanan [Nam-peung] – Preechaya [Pam] / Princess Chai
Sakaojai Poonsawad [Aom] as Maneekanya [Nee] / Princess Chom
Theerapong Liaorakwong [Bee] – Tantai

Synopsis: In the past, Princess Seeked, the princess from the vassal state, is skillful in weaving the golden brocade in the royal palace. She meets Prince Tad. They fall in love with each other and Princess Seeked gets pregnant later. However, Prince Tad has to get married with Princess Chai. With her vengefulness, Princess Seeked weaves a golden brocade with her curse in every thread before she kills herself while pregnancy.

In the modern day, Maipim, a girl who loves the ancient fabric gets a job to take care of the brocade shop that Preechaya is the owner. One day, a mysterious man breaks into the shop and leave the beautiful ancient brocade there. After that, The spirit of Princess Seekad appears and waits to revenge with the people who have ever hurt her in the past.

Credits goes to wasashimi .

I give this drama a 9.5/10. 

What’s funny about this drama is that in some parts you can see cameraman. And i thought that ghost arent’ suppose to have a shado, but in this lakorn it does. haha. but like i said, overall this movie is soo godo and love the moral to it too!

Here is the excerpt at the end of the story. Very good. 😀
“The sin in mind adhered like the silk threads,every stitches binding the heart with love and revenge the life in every lifetimes, don’t be careless don’t be misled, forgive before dying, leave only goodness in mind”