Subway, 5 dollar foot long

So, I expanded on my subway picking. Next time, i have to try their soup and see how it goes, also try their flat bread. haha. usually when i got, i always get their 5 dollar foot long deal with ham. I’ll eat one in the afternoon and usually have someone else take the other half or i keep it for dinner.

Well, i went ahead and tried their pizza, just simple one, pepperoni pizza and i gotta say, it was good. ready in 90 seconds, and it really was ready by than. There was this guy ahead of me that ordered pizza too and wow, he basically made it look like a subway! lOl. Although, it did look good.

And, did you know, they serve breakfast now? Out of all the places, i would never have guess subway to serve breakfast. Gah, new things, new things. haha

Well, this is waht i got.

Looks a lot huh? I didn’t have all of it. I finished my 6 inch sub and only had one piece of the 4-piece pizza. The rest went to my brother. haha.