Xaab Thoj’s 3rd Album

The news is out, Xab Thoj’s New album or 3rd album would be coming out July 4th, or shall i say, it’s already out. So be on the look out for his new album.

I have to say, I’m a fan of only his movie but not his music. Some of them are catchy. Like from his first one, only song i enjoyed was “Nws tseem me me, ” and than his second album, “tij Laug Xab.” Quite catchy i say. Not sure what would be catchy in his 3rd album. Although, i did hear some of his previews and did catch his new song, “TijLaug Xab 3.” I didn’t really like it, but it is catchy.

What did you think? Athough, i do want his 3rd album, but i do wish he was more serious with his music because he does have a good voice. If you listened to him back than before he came out with his actual first album and he was actually singing duet, it was pretty good.

Aish, Tij Laug Xab es, thov kom lwm zaum koj hu nkauj, koj hos hus tiag tiag kom peb xav xav mloog thiaj nawb. 😀