Another Puppy

Who knows how many puppy my family and I have had ever since we moved down to the south. But eventually, we got ourselves another one. I’m not too sure how old it is, but it’s pretty big. It doesn’t whine or bark like a puppy would, but it’s still a puppy.

Anyways, here’s Bruce! *note: the last owner called him Bruce, so he only goes by it. We tried to give it a new name, but it just looked confused. So we just stuck with Bruce. Weird name for a dog though, well in my opinion.

Now, i do have to say, i love his eyes! I think it’s the most beautiful eyes that i have seen in a dog. Love it!

Showing off his puppy eyes!

LOL, he pitied me for tryin to make him open up his mouth. lOl tsk him!

And he just ended up laughing at me. lOl. Tsk him more! hahaha