Hmong baby dies…

It’s very sad to hear that your own relative is able to kill your first and only baby. Especially when they have 3 children of their own. How can a mother, of 3, not be able to stop a baby from crying? It upsets me when a helpless life is in the hand of an experience person and at the end gives off the stupidest reason as to why they did it in the first place. STupid, stupid, stupid!!! Seriously! This is by far the most stupidest person i have ever heard of!!!

Here is an incident that happened in Alaska to a young married couple. They have left their six-month baby boy to their sister-in-law to baby sit while they go to work. You can read the rest below… Explaining it will just tear me apart. And, if you go on youtube, the mother, Cindy, posted up the last video of the nurses unplugging the lines to the her baby. I cried and felt their remorse. I can’t believe such human exist! I hope she stays there forever. I’m sorry that she can’t mother her 3 children, but i wouldn’t want a mother like her around her kids either. If she can do this to this baby, who knows what she’s capable of doing too. I detest her!

I’m being ugly, but it really ticks me off how pity the baby died and how stupid of a reason that she gave. I seriosuly detest her! *looks away*


Six-month-old Caiiou Xiong’s parents knew right away something wasn’t right with the boy when they picked him up from the sitter Friday evening.He was limp, bruised and had an eerily unfocused, dilated eye. They called police, put Caiiou in the hospital and learned the next morning that he couldn’t breathe on his own. He was brain dead. About 4 a.m. Monday, they turned off his life-support and Caiiou died.

His crib is still next to their bed. People have told them to get rid of his stuff to help move on. They say they can’t.

“Every time we think of it, you can imagine him getting beaten and he’s thinking in his mind, ‘Where’s my mom? Where’s my dad?’ ” said Caiiou’s mother, Cindy Yang, 18. “He’s trying to look to us for help and we’re just at work. We don’t know anything.”

Now their sister-in-law, Christina Moua, 23, has been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly shaking the infant and dropping him into a car seat, causing bruising, a fractured skull, a broken collarbone and severe brain damage, according to an affidavit filed in court by homicide Detective Mark Huelskoetter.

Moua, the mother of three children, told police the child wouldn’t stop crying and she shook him because she was scared and didn’t know what to do, he wrote. Moua was arrested Monday and was being held with bail set at $50,000 cash, according to police.


It wasn’t Moua’s first time watching the child, said Caiiou’s father, Ge Xiong, 20. Xiong and Yang moved to Anchorage from Fresno, Calif., to get a fresh start and to be near his brother. Things went well. They both got jobs at a Target store with his brother and were able to pay off their debt. They had a decent place in Mountain View and a baby whom they loved.

“At this one turn, it’s like a movie,” Xiong said. “Right now, everything doesn’t matter. The house, the movies, the TV, nothing matters.”

While the others worked, Moua stayed home to watch the children, he said. For the past two months Moua has watched the child along with her three babies for up to eight hours at a time, he said. They can’t understand what would have happened.

“We would never think that she could ever do that to our baby, especially when we go there, she wants to hold him, kiss him, play with him,” Xiong said. “It must not have been an accident or something. Honestly, I think she must have hated him.”

There has been some tumult in Moua’s life. In 2008, her husband, Wichai Xiong, 23, sought a restraining order against her after she allegedly accused him of liking his cousin, according to a petition Wichai Xiong filed in court. Moua threw his computer keyboard on the floor and then flung a bottle of baby powder at him when he tried to fix a speaker that fell, he wrote. Wichai Xiong wrote that he was afraid she would hurt him or the children.

He declined to comment Monday.

Xiong’s and Yang’s Hmong spiritual beliefs have them wondering whether their son’s death was fate. Maybe Caiiou came to punish Moua for something she did to him in a past life, Yang said. Maybe Xiong and Yang had slighted their child’s spirit in a past life, so he met them and made them love him just to take it away, Xiong said.

“There’s a lot of stuff to think about,” Yang said.

They say they’re glad Moua was charged with murder, though lamenting that her kids could grow up without a mother around. Moua, through a family member, has asked for their forgiveness, they say, but they aren’t willing to give it. Yang said she couldn’t bring herself to ask Moua what happened over the weekend.

“I can’t even go to their house now, because I can just imagine the whole scene in there. Her kids are watching her doing it, she’s just doing it just because she felt like it, because the baby’s crying,” Yang said. “You just feel like you want to jump on her and make her hurt, too. But if you do that, what’s the point? Then you’re just going to go to jail for it, too.”

Xiong added, “That’s not going to bring your baby back, you know?”