I’m in LOVE!

lOl well not that love where you share the happiness with that special person, but what i meant is, i’m in love..with that guy’s smexy voice! lOl. I have to say, i don’t live around where there’s a lot of hmong leeg guys but everytime i do, i find them very attractive all because of the way they talk and sound. Smexy tshaj! I just met this hmong leeg guy, who was introduced to me by a cousin at home. We talked and talked, laughed and laughed, and i just couldn’t get enough of that smexy voice. lOl. It was so hot! I seriously think hmong leeg guys with deep, low voice sound hecka smexy! And goodness, the way he called my name and sanged to me too, SMEXY! lOl

haha just thought i shared sincce it’s still fresh in my head.hahah