Hmong Youth

I thought I would share my journey about our Hmong Youth here in town. That way, i can always come back, reread what i wrote, and realize what I’ve done. I’m quite proud of myself to really be in this position for the Hmong Youth, being the President, the voice for the youth. I hope that i can really make a difference in this, atleast it’ll be a start.

I’ve stated in my earlier blog about the election of the officers for our Hmong Youth Program here in town. It’s been a little bit over a month now since i’ve been elected. My two officers and I have come together once a week to start on programs and events for our Youths. We had come up with activities and events, but most important thing that we saw was we needed to get the words out to the Hmong Youth here in town and around town.

We are having a Pre Meeting this sunday with the Youths that come to the meeting. I’m not expecting many people but atleast 20 or so people to show up. With these people, us officers can go and have them sign up as members of the Youth program and hopefully they could spread the words to their friends and families about us. So far, for this pre meeting, i’ve only thought about what to present, and what to do with them for them to see that this youth program is capable of such things, like helping our hmong community and teh whole community as itself.

Us officers are just going to present our mission statement to get the words out. I’m quite proud of our mission statement though. It’s short and simple and it gets to the point of what we want to get across in the youth program to our Hmong youths here or around town. I’m hoping everything goes well on this sunday.

Our mission statement:
To offer all Hmong Youth a support system where they can explore the Hmong Identiy and preserve th Hmong Culture through active participation with the Hmong Community of Oklahoma.