Phoo Yai Lee Gab Nang Ma ~ Thai Lakorn Review

I have never, in all my life, watch a movie/drama/lakorn that would keep me smiling the whole entire time! I have to say, watching this lakorn has gotten me smiling in every episode. Especially when the Nas Eb and Phaj Eb are together. They’re so cute together and whenever they’re together, unexpected things happen. Ofcourse, this being a Drama, there’s many dramas in it, but it’s all worth it.

Phoo Yai Lee Gab Nang Ma
[Headman Lee and Mrs. Ma]

Thisadee Sahawong (Por) as Leenawat (Phoo Yai Lee)
Chermarn Boonyasak (Ploy) as Malinee (Ma)
*I have to say, they both make a cute and lovely couple.  This is my first time seeing the Nas Ej with a little bit more meat than other actress.  She’s still beautiful!

Malinee is the granddaughter of Madam Wan.  Madam Wan passed away and in her will, she wanted to give everything she had to Malinee.  In her will stated that if her granddaughter couldn’t  handle the farm life than she can only sell the land to one person, Phoo Yai Lee, the head master of Howling Dog Creek village.  Phoo Yai Lee sent a letter to Malinee stating that her grandmother had passed away that she should come back home to bury her grandmother and see what she wants to do with the land. 

Malinee came back to the country side to bury her grandmother where she met Phoo Yai Lee, but she didn’t know it was him.  He teased her, making fun of her since she was a city girl.  Soon enough, Malinee went back home where her boyfriend Dick was waiting.  Malinee finally found out that Dick was cheating on her which hurted her very much. That’s when she decided to go back to the country side and really try to adjust herself to the country side.  Soon enough, she fell in love there and took on the responsibility of her grandmother’s rice field. 

Malinee finally found out who Phoo Yai Lee is and slowly, she fell in love with him and so did he.


I give this drama a 9.5/10!  It was very fun to watch and seriously, each time the two main character get together, you can not stop smiling! because i couldn’t! Definately a worth while lakorn to watch! Recommend it! 😀