The Smell of Baby

We had some relatives come over today to prepare for a wedding, well more of sawv kev to a wedding. Anyways, there were two babies in the house! Aww, they were so adorable. One baby was picky, so i didn’t get to hold him, but the other one, she’s a sleeper!

Since there were so many noises and so many people talking, she couldn’t go to sleep. Her grandmama says that she usually sleeps all day until her parents came home, but this time, since she’s in a noisy place, she couldn’t get any good sleep. So, I ended up holding her and playing with her. She’s a wiggle though! haha Once you put her down on the couch or in her carrier, she’ll wiggle and wiggle until someone picks her up. One thing that i forgot about babies is that when they’re done drinking their formula, you had to make them burp. Because of remembering that after i fed her, i held her standing up and pat her back until she burped, and do you know what she does after burping? PUKING! haha. Yes, dummy me forgot that and she puked all over my shirt. I couldn’t go change so i had to wear that shirt all day. lOl. Agh, defiantely the smell of baby all day. lOl. But it’s ok though, once in a while will i have a chance to hold a baby all day. šŸ˜€

It’s been a long time since i’ve hold a baby for that long. I miss the smell of a baby and their funny expressions. I remember i used to make them cry when i was younger. Not sure why, i thought they were the cutest when they were crying and yus laib ntxias lawv. It’s so cute. šŸ˜€ I Love kids and especially babies. I can take care of them all day long. They’re adorable! šŸ˜€