HYO Pre Meeting: SUCCESS!

I am so content right now! Haha. I just got back from the HYO Pre meeting and i have to say, it was a great success! Many youth came out, which was more than i expected. I was telling everyone that i wasn’t expecting much people, but wow! A lot of people showed up! Very happy and excited at the same time! I wonder how the next meeting will be! Especially after our debut! Gah… You don’t know how happy i am right now. It really encourages me, even the officers to do the best that they can for the youth and unite everyone into one. I just hope that they didn’t see me like a fool. haha

Before the meeting started, i wasn’t too nervous. I was quit calm, but when i started seeing peope coming into the room, WOW, that got me all nervous. We had it in the HMAAO’s office, which was small, since we didn’t think there would be much people, but when people came in, we had to move out to another bigger room. I had started in the office already and i was into the introduction when Director Linda cut me off saying that we needed to move to a bigger room. At that time, i was so nervous i was talking too fast. Thank goodness i got a second chance to redo it all over again. I was more, well a lot, calmer and i was able to think straight. We went around the room introducing ourselves and than i went over our mission statement. I than broke it up to four parts where i had them break up into four groups. Ofcourse, counting them 1-4 to have them split up so that they don’t stick with their people only. I thought it was good. By doing this, they can actually understand as to why or what the mission is about. Since it’s broad and not in depth, i wanted to see the meaning behind it, and i was a success! They seem to understand it, which is a positive thing. Lets just hope we can provide their needs and expectations. I do have to say though, they were quite quiet. They didn’t say much or give out much. Atleast i wasn’t the one speaking the whole tim ethough. haha.

But yeah,it turned out well. Met new people, new names, hopefully i remember them next time, and ofcourse, a great time with the youth. πŸ˜€ This really encourages me to really succeed in this. Another reason as to why i should do my best in this. AZA! Txhob Ntshai! πŸ˜€