HYO Pre-Meeting

Gah, i’m so nervous. Why? Because i’m going to be the only officer there for the pre meeting with the youth. i’m hoping that everything goes well and that i can answer any questions they throw at me. My VP and Secretary werent’ able to make it. i’m quite disappointed though. We all chose the date and they both bailed out on me. I had everything plan from the beginning of what to do and say, but now, it’s just me so i have to redo everything. I seriously hope everything goes well. Right now, it’s 2:20AM and i can’t sleep yet. Why? I’m nervous and scare. haha. I know, i shouldn’t be, but i can’t help it. I’m unable to sleep. Earlier, i was ok and wasn’t this nervous, but goshers, now i’m heck nervous. I want to make a difference and hope this goes well, but at the same time, i’m questioning myself why i took the position anyways? Aish…

Breathe, just breathe! Yes, i have to just take a deep breath and tell myself this is going to go great! Gah! AZA TXHOB NTSHAI!!!

Wish me luck, please. πŸ˜€ I need it. Luck, i need luck to be on my side today at 4pm and hopefully everything flows through until 6. Aza! You can do it! πŸ˜€ hopefully….:D

Wish me luck!!! πŸ˜€