Just a reminder for those that would forget or keeps forgeting, Father’s day is this coming sunday, June 20, 2010! 

What are you getting for your pop?  For me, hrrm, i’m thinking of just cooking him a nice home meal with a cake on top of that.  That should do it for our family.  Us kids been buying stuff that he doesnt’ use.  last year, we paid for dinner for him to go out with my old lady for some time together. They needed that. A night with no worries and no worries about money, perfect.  This year, since i’m so broke, this is as much as i can do for him. 

Zoo siab yog Txiv Hnub os kuv txiv. Thov kom xyoo no koj tsuas muaj kev noj qab nyob zoo xwb. Xav tau dabtsis los yuas tau, xav ua dabtsis los ua tau. Vim tias muaj peb cov menyuam nyob tos qab hlub tshua txog koj os mog. 😀