Masquarade Masks

And so, us officers are planning a Masquarade Ball in August, meaning we have a lot of preparation to do before than. Why so soon for us? Because we’re wanting to debut ASAP! Plus, this would be the only time where students will be home from school, especially those that are out of town for school. So far, well, i guess you can say we’re half way there with our preparation, although there are numerous things to talk about next week when i get together with my two officers. Hopefully than we can finalize everything and really get something started. And also, hopefully by next week, i can have the sponsorship packets out to bussiness and hear from them asap too. Basically, next week is going to be our finalize week on everything so that we will know where to get started. I’m quite excited for this.

On top of this, i have to worry about myself too. I’ve never been to a masquarade ball so i do know what to expect or what to do to make it fun. I’m relying on my two officers on this since they seem to know more than i do, at the moment that is. I’m pretty sure everything will go smoothly. About myself, i have to go out and find a dress to wear or something decent. Reminds me of prom when i was out searchign for a prom dress. Gahh, but this time, i also have to worry about getting a mask too. I guess i should really go out and find a dress first before i find a mask? Or maybe a mask first and than a dress afterwards? Which one is easier? hrrm? Suggestions will be greatly appreciated too. 😀 haha As you can see, or notice, i’m quite anxious and nervous about this. I know i know, why? haha Not sure either. 😀 It’s actually my first time, from the last 3 years that i’ve been social with others besides people at work and my family. I’ve come out, once again, to have a social life, and i’m really lovign it too. Love meetin gnew people and just talking to people. haha

Anyways, what do you prefer when it comes to mask? Hold them, or have them tie around your head? With a feather coming out? or with beads? haha. This, i would hve to come back and think about or really go out and look at masks to see which one matches me. 😀 I shall be back to answer this. 😀