…if i should go with my brother to visit his girlfriend and go off to a OG party… I can’t make up my mind. I want to go, but i don’t want to sit in the car for 2 hours. I want to go and see my cousins, but i hate the long ride back home. Gah… What am i suppose to do when i get there? Nothing! Yeah, that’s basically it, NOTHIN!

Hrrm, I can ask my cousin to do a photoshoot. Eh, not a bad idea. It’s been a while since i’ve taken any pictures and i really need some pictures for class too. Ha! I’ll definately force my cousin to take some photos for me. 😀 Plus, she can get some free ones too. Hahaha. yeah..

Ok, mind is made up! Goin with the brother to MO! And than taking some pictures, whether photoshoot or sceneries! I don’t care! hahaha. Ok, going than. Crap! better get ready than….:D

Pictures will be posted up once i take them. 😀