MO Fundraising Party

So, My brother and I had gone to MO for a fundraising party for a band, Tswvsiv Band, from MN. These are a bunch of young people that formed this band with the help of their parents and cousins. Anyways, they were pretty good, well for OG kind of parties. The two girls that sang weren’t that bad, but one of them cracked a lot during her solo. And at times, they couldn’t reach their high notes.

Anyways, the party started at 6, but based on hmong time, no one really came until 9-ish. Ofcourse, my brother and I came there around 7, so we were soooo bore! lOl. Well, i was hecka bore. I just really wanted to go back to my cousin’s place and just watch some dramas or something, so worth the time. haha.

The party was, well, you can say that it was good. They served beer, which i got a cup from one of the elder to do a toast and was approach by another elder holding two pitcher of beer. He looked around, and came to me saying that he wanted me to have one, and after that i couldn’t hear since they were playing the music. Ofcourse, my two cups just sat there on table. Blah! haha

Anyways, we had fun at the party, it was an success! πŸ˜€

My brother and his girl. All because of him that i needed to go!.

and the party!