Rough Night

In my entire night, I have NEVER drank so many can of beers! I hate beer, i detest them. I don’t know how one can drink so much and still be able to walk!? Damn, i shouldn’t have gone to the after party BBQ. I should have just went straight to my cousin’s house and slept the entire night. But NOOO, I had to tag along. I met great people and new cousins too. There weren’t that much people, but decent enough to just have a chat or listen to.

Well, so my cousin and I left the house after i took a shower and had in my pajamas. At first, we were kinda iffy about going since she was tire and so was I, but i was wide awake when i took a cold shower. Brr, it was cold, so i couldn’t go to sleep just yet, that’s when we decided to go to the BBQ. And so we left the house maybe around 1.

We went into the house, and like i said, there weren’t much people, walked upstairs where the girls were just chatting. We sat and chatted when their uncle came up holding cans of beer! “Oh boy,” was what i had to say. He sat down with us, and gave each of us a can of beer and looked at me. He asked for my name, gave it to him, and than he said, “here’s another can for you to welcome you to the family.” I was totally shocked. Two cans of beer in my hand. blah…I don’t drink much, so i don’t know much about these drinking game rules, etc… It was a pain in the arse! I just took it without even considering anything else. So, since the beers were passed, the girls and us decided to play a drinking game to get the can of beers down.

I think we played the game, Drunken dealer? It’s a game where the dealer would go around to each player, have them call out a number first, the dealer will look at the card and tell the player to call out a number that is higher or lower. If the player calls out the right number in the dealer’s hand, the dealer will have to drink, BUT if the player did not call out the right card, the player will have to drink. The dealer has to get 3 people, in a row, to drink, meaning the players called out the wrong number. IF the player did get the right number, the Dealer will have to keep going, meaning, if the dealer got two people to drink and the third player called out the right number, the dealer will have to drink and start all over again with three people. That’s why it’s called, Drunken Dealer? Hopefully that made sense. 😀

Anyways, as we were playing, their uncle came back upstairs into the room holding more cans of beer. Gah, boy was i dizzy already! haha. And so, he came down and took a look around to see if dranked our cans. I, actually, dranked both of his cans and gave it to him and took two of his cans and gave it to him saying that one is for friendship and accepting me to the family, and another one is a thank you for his generosity of giving me two cans. I should have kept my mouth shut cause i sure didn’t know what i was doing. Instead, he gave me another one to say that, well all i can remember is something about, favoring… This time, he wanted us to go around, one by one, to chug the can of beer. We all were sitting on a empty stomach and i don’t do good with alcohol or liquor on a empty stomach. Well, it was finally my turn, i chugged it and rushed to the bathroom to throw it all back out! *shivers* Oh how i hate the taste of BEER! It’s SOOO nasty! Anyway, by this time, i was already dizzy, although i still knew what i was doing.

What an experience though! Although it wasn’t a good one, i’m glad i came home and knocked out. hahaa. But it sure was a rough nigh. Deinately not something i’m going to EVER do AGAIN! Next time, i’m rushing downstairs or somewhere else. No more!!!