OKHY Member meet

So, I’m wanting to gather all the members that sign up along with those that want to become a member and wasn’t able to come to the pre meet. I want to gather them and have them start knowing one another. Like i’ve told many, are main goal is to “socialize” make new friends, see new faces and get familiar with one another. That way one can actually have confidence and be able to do well in life. Well, that’s how i see it. 😀

Anyways, i want to hold a session where we can all meet and I can actually tell them more in depth about the event that’s coming up in August. Sad thing is that one of my officer havent’ even started on the flyers yet, which he said he will, so not sure where he is with the flyer. I haven’t seen it or heard about it. Hrrm, something to put in my agenda to do: Contact officer about flyer! back to topic, not sure how i want to hold this session. I don’t want to be a boring meet where I and my officers talk the whole time. Hrrm…Any games that we can play to have them interact with one another? Any? Any suggestions would be great right now! haha