A Fool In The Mirror ~ Malina

After watching the Lakorn Kae Roy Rak or Trace of Love, I fell in love with this song.  The lyrics are just so beautiful. It really gets to the heart.  Sometimes you wonder, why can’t hmong lyrics be this good? But yes, I’m jamming to this song right now. it’s just so touching at the moment. 😀    

Singer: Malina
Song: A Fool In the Mirror    

Lyrics credited to ChristaLovesDrama @ YT.    

If today, I Don’t know how important you are
If you have not been away, if you didn’t go with him
If i still have someone left waking up without emptiness
I may not know know about heartaches 

If that day i knew and cared for you more than anyone else
If i didn’t go away, he may not come in
If i knew this, i woul dnever let you go without grabbing for you
It’s too late to know when i don’t have you anymore
From now on, everytime when i see myself,
the reflection in the mirror 

I see only a fool who deserves to be hurt like this
The eyes of a person in the mirror will keep
stabbign my heart everytime
It’ good to be hurt. It serves me right to have no one left

If i knew even a bit, if i could think of it earlier than this
I woudl not have today that i saw you walk away
i just realised it today, what will i get?
Where can i get you back from?
When i know, when today, i know, it’s too late 

Here is the DL link to the song.