Gae Roy Rak [Trace of Love] ~ Thai Lakorn Review

I just finished watching this lakorn today, and i have to say, it’s soo dreamy. lOl. Well, you can say that to almost all the lakorns and dramas out there. When it comes to starring a cute actor and actress, you just wish you were a part of the lakorn and acting in it too. I have to say, i give this lakorn a 8/10. There were some parts that were unnecessary in it and plus, at times i felt very annoyed. Overall, you should give this lakorn a go. It’s still good though.   

Also, i have to say, the Phaj eb and Nas eb sib phim kawg nkaus li, the main actor and actress are very well matched. This would be my second time watching them both act together. I also liked teh first one i watched call Orange Jasmine Scent. The first one was hmong dubbed, so i didn’t get the chance to hear their actual voice, but watchign this one with just the sub, *drools* I have to say, the main actor has such an HOT voice. lOl.   


Watch on Wishibonika’s Youtube Channel.  

This lakorn came out in 2008, having 12 episodes
Starring: Rome and Rita as Songrob and Chomduen.   

A brief summary of this lakorn: 

[Rome] came along with her. Both of them told her not to worry much about it. Annie also told her parent, they also said it was nonsense.  Songrob, HeartSong and the head of the company Songton [Rita]. One day a famous singer, Annie Diana came in to get her fortune told. Annie was told that she was going to die in a couple of days. Her boyfriend, Chomduen, who can see the future, all of them are able to tell and see the future and present except for the granddaughter/daughter, Plianfa and mother, and the grandson/son Paen, card interpreters, Grandma Pruk and song Puek of Grandpa consiste Fah Residence, PlianIn the


Well, days went by and Annie was dead. At first it seemed like an accident since she feel off the building, but Annie’s ghost came to haunt Chomduen, who was a very nosy person. Because she didn’t have the ability to see ghost or any kind of sixth sense, she was eager to prover to her family that she did have such since no one believed her when she said she saw Annie’s ghost. Chomduen wanted to go to the spot where Annie died, but since it was at the HeatSong Company where Songrob worked, she was unable too. Why? because Songob and Chomduen got on the wrong foot with one another. Songrob had a contest to find a creative person. Chomduen took the advantage and submitter her work to where she was chosen. since Songrob didn’t know chomduen’s full name, she was picked out of the selection along with one of her classmate that she had a problem with in college.   

From here, competition between Chomduan and her friend arises, and the love between Chomduan and Songrob emerges. Alongside the investigation of Annie’s death.
well, i think that’s brief enough. lOl.    

Good lakorn, like i said, i wouldn’t mind watching the phaj eb and nas eb perform again, and i do think the nas eb is so beautiful, especially when she wears her hair down with curls. Cute i say. 😀