Hmong Youth Cultural Class

So, i decided to miss class tonight and head over to the Hmong Youth Cultural Class to see what they were up too. I’m quite impress that there were actually dedicated students there that actually want to learn about their own culture. What i found that was very great about this is class is that, the first hour, you learn how to read and write hmong,and than the second hour, you learn about hmong culture and values. For example, the names used to call relatives, etc… It was great. I sure learned something too when i was there. Sucks that i have nigth classes. Next semester, i HAVE TOO switch to day classes, around afternoon there.  Gah..i’m so going to lag in my classes. hahaha. BUT if everythign works out, i might just still be able to take night classes.

Anyways, it was great!  Wish i could go…Sad…

Below are just random pictures of the class.  We have approximately 25 hmong youth that attends the Culutral class. Atleast it’s more than 15. Plus, 25 is basically the average size of all classes too.  I do hope more youths will come out too! Aza! Fighting!!!

Our Instructor, also the President of the Hmong American Association of Oklahoma, President Xiathao

And the class.  Nice range of ages too, which i found very inspiring. 😀