Opposite Blood ~ Hmong/American Movie

Have you guys heard of it?  I was just surfing around and came upon this Hmong/American Movie. It looks kinda cheesy with all the weird poses.  But anyways… Seems like this movie is starring a lot of Hmong people, some that i guess are just brand new to the industry?

Two brothers, one a prominent and well respected doctor, the other a businessman and a former gun for hire. The brothers decide to enter a joint venture to assist their community in the Midwest of the United States of America. In order to realize their goals, the two construct a proposal seeking 40 million dollars of government funding for their ambitious project in which they plan to build a community by bringing in new businesses development, building community service centers, health care facilities and better learning institutions.

The government approves the 40 million dollars with a stipulation. The stipulation is the two brothers have to come up with the property deeds of the local businesses to secure the loan. A secret deal is made between the younger brother and an anonymous businessman without the older brother’s knowledge. The deal is to transfer complete ownership of the community to the anonymous businessman within the next 5 years and in return the anonymous businessman will give him 50 million dollars. When the older brother is murdered, the anonymous businessman disappears, and the younger brother starts to take over the community using brute force. What was going to be a great community service plan turns into a hostile takeover. The business district turns to a crime zone which raises a great deal of concern to the Government, the law enforcement, and the community.

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You can check out their website.  Also, you can check out their Facebook for more pictures.

Apparently, it’s in the process of making and not release just yet, but it will be release sometime this year.

What do you think?