OKHY Potluck and BBQ

So, i met up with my officers today to discuss the next meeting for our members.  It so happen, we decided to have a potluck and bbq! Just so that everyone can socialize and get acquinted with one another.  Hopefully there’s people there, and much more than our pre meet! Excited all over again! haha

Those that are in the Oklahoma are, or around the Tulsa Metro area, are welcome! We encourage everyone to come and meet the officers! this time, my two officers will be there! No exception!!!

What:    Oklahoma Hmong Youth’s first Potluck and BBQ
When:   Satuday, July 10th, 2010
                   At 2pm – 6pm
Where:  Tulsa zoo, Mohawk Park
Why:       To get acquinted with the OKHY members and familiar  with one another.

I hope to see everyone there! 😀  Very excited about this!