13th Floor

So, America believes in this curse or haunting or whatever you want to call it, about the unlucky number 13!  Even in china, their unlucky number is 4, which when it comes to building, they’ll skip the number 4 and replace it with the 5.  here in america, with more than 13 floors, they’ll skip the number 13 and replace it with 14. 

I have to say, us hmong people believe in a lot of superstitions, and who would have thought America believes in their own superstitions too.  Anyways, i just found it interesting how i was in the hospital, the elevators don’t show 13, but skips over it to 14th floor instead.

i seriously need to research more about this. It seems scary and interesting at the same time. 😀

Know any stories? Do share!!! I think many and especially I would love to read more about this belief of bad luck number 13.