At the Hospital

I’ve been at the hospital for five days and just got back today.  I’ve seen and heard many weird things in the hospital, and what scared me the most is when i’m in the elevator.  You know those scary scenes in the elevator, well, i was trying so hard not to look back in case i see something.  going down from the 9th floor to the second at 3 in the morning alone, is not a good idea. It’s scary and at the same time, it’s soo creepy!!!

well, the reason why i was at the hospital is because of my grandpapa.  He was sick and they kept on doing tests over tests on him that i couldn’t do anything about it except hope that he gets well.  But staying at the hospital is no fun! No fun at all!

All i did was sat my butt down on their chair and watch tv all day.  I seriously don’t know how people can do it because surely, i can’t!  All i know, i’m not a bummer after all. lOl.  jk.

But, yeah…i’m glad i’m home. 😀

Just me and my cousins messing around. 😀 haha