Olive Garden

One of my most favorite pasta restaurant has got to be Olive Garden!  More so, i love their breadstick.  Best thign about this restaurant is you can have as much salad and breadstick, free of charge! lol.

Well, since my brother and i were at the hospital with nothing to eat, we decided to go out and grab something to eat. At first, we though we’ll just get fastfood but when we saw olive garden, we just had to get some real food. Plus, it’s more healthier than getting some junk food too. 😀

My brother had their newest dish that always come on TV.  It’s that five cheese dish.  I thought it just tasted like every normal pasta dish.  I didn’t taste any difference. But than again, i’m not the best about judging food. I just had a simple dish, Chicken Alfredo.  Yumm!

My brother and his dish.

My dish: Chicken Alfredo!

MmMMm I was stuff alright! haha.  The dish, plus 4 breadstick and one plate of salad. lOl that’s a lot of food! lol