Wedding Dress ~ Taeyang [Cover]

My brother loves this song and so does many people out there.  For some reason, i found it irritating, probably because each person i visit, they have this song playing.  i’m the type where if i dont’ understand the music, i can careless, unless it’s a very catchy melody that i like. Now, if i’ve seen the lyrics to the song and i like it, i’ll be able to stand it.  Well, as you can see, Wedding dress was not one of those songs that i took the time to look at the lyrics.  But i came upon a english cover version and AWWW i fell in love with it. I’ll most likely listen to the english cover than the original korean version. 😀 I think it sounds so good and almost like the original.  Yay! haha

The original singer is Taeyang from Big Bang.  Kevin Lien took the time and sang the english version to the song.  I thougth he did a great job.  check out his YT and plus, he also said that each year he does a cover of some of the top songs. 

Quoted from his YT message:
“In 2007, there was “Viva La Vida”.
In 2008, there was “Halo”.
In 2009, there was “Battlefield”.
Now, in 2010, there’s “Wedding Dress”

Each of his cover were done greatly good! 


Singer: kevin Lien
Song: Wedding Dress [Cover]

I’m so digging this song right now. 😀