Peb Yog Leej Twg ~ Dej Nag Muas

Here is one song that reminds me of that old song call, Hmoob tsis hlub hmoob. The beat is similiar, i like. 😀 Anyways, while listenign to this song, i so agree with their lyrics.  Based on hmong now a days, peb twb tsis paub peb yog leej twg (we dont know who we are).  Majority of us Hmong have American name when we cant’ even say or know our own hmong name. It’s quite sad. Or worse, we don’t even have Hmong names, just plain out American names.   In the song, it even mention that we look like chinese.  Not much american’s know our nationality; Hmong. It’s only those that are familiar or live in locations that have a large population of hmong that would know Hmong. Other than that, we get mistaken for be Mongolia when we say we’re Hmong, or that we’re chinese since china is the largest land mass in asia.

i’m goign to go ahead and translate this song since i think the meaning behind it is very strong.


Singer: Dej Nag Muas
Song: Peb Yog Leej Twg

Peb puas paub peb yog leej twg
Do we know who we are
peb puas paub peb yog leej twg
Do we know who we are
Peb tsis paub peb yog leej twg
We don’t know who we are
peb tsis paub peb yog leej twg
We dont’ know who we are

hnov luag hais tias peb nyob los tsuas
Others say we lived in Laos
tuaj ntawv no thaum teb chawm poob
and came here when war broke out
hnov luag hais tias peb yog hmoob
Other says we’re Hmong
tuaj ntawv no rau teb chawm nchua
that came here when our land was taken
ntsia peb teb tawv nqaij
Looking at our skin color
zoo li peb yog chinese
seems like we’re chinese

ua cas kuv hu ua john
Why am i call John
koj hu ua marry
and you’re call Marry
ua cas koj hu ua john
Why are you call John
kuv hu ua marry
and i’m call Marry
xav tsis thoob peb yog dabtsis
I can’t seem to think who or what we are
xav tsis thoob peb yog dabtsis
I can’t seem to think who or what we are
pog koob yawg koob
our ancestors
tseg tsis tau ib yam puav pheej
couldn’t leave any history for us
tseg tsis tau ib zaj dab neeg
couldn’t leave any folktale for us
los yog vim peb txoj kev tub nkees
or is it because we were bums
cob lub neej tsis xws luag teb xwb luag chaw
unable to live like others in their country

Here’s the DL link. Enjoy!