DJ Masa!

I just found a new DJ that i love! Dang, this dude got talent! He started al his mixes back in 2005 and than expanded to variety of asian artists. Now, after finding out about him, dang! I’m supporting! haha. Totally awsome.

I was cruising around listening to various korean artists when i came upon one of his bashup top songs in korea where he put them all together, pertaining to 10-35 songs in just one song. Talented i say!!!

You can check out his blog or his site here.

One mix that he did that i’m totally digging is his Mix of Big Bang’s song Lollipop and Lady Gaga’s song Telephone, which he named, Lolliphone. I totally dig! I’m so hook on it at the moment. Makes you want to jump up and just dance away with it! Great eh? Love it!!

Check out his Youtube account for more bashup songs and remixes. Loving it!