10 Hours Up and 12 Hours Down

Usually, the drive back home seem faster but our drive back home was not. It was a last minute thing going to July 4th in Minnesota. We left Friday night arond 5pm-ish and arrived in MN at 4AM-ish. The drive up wasn’t so bad since we didn’t stop as much, but wow, our drive back home was so long. We left around 8pm-ish and didn’tget home till 10am-ish the next day. It was SOOOO long. The reason is, coming from WI to Ok takes longer to reach home. Although stopping by WI was great since we saw our relatives. 😀

I’m glad i’m home. Hehe

I’ll have togo more in depth about my visit to MN. Right now, just somethign to start it off here. 😀