Carribou Coffee

Pachia wanted to sit and just enjoy a sip of drink so we ended up going to Carribou Coffee in MOA. I ordered one of their specialty drink called, Pluot Green Tea Ice Tea Drink. I asked them what a pluot was, and they say that it was similiar to a plum but it wasn’t as strong as a plum. Seeing the picture taht they had of the drink, seemed to be good, so i thought i buy a small one. And dang! It was HECKA GOOD! Cold and so refreshing.

Plus, it was mix with green tea too, you can definately feel asif your body was re-energizing again. It was that good! I had to buy myself a nother one, this time, a large! lOl.

Letsee, i have ot say, i had 5 of them when i was in MN, just in one day too! lOl. My brother and i went back home and we noticed that there were a Carribou Coffee place close to the hotel we were at too, so we stopped tehre quite often just to get the drink. hahaha. that good i tell ya! One of my new favorite drink!!!