J4 MN Tournament

It’s been a little over 10 years since i’ve actually been in Minnesota for the July 4th tournament. This year, the only main point of me going up there was to look at their hmong clothes. I didn’t see any that i like so i didn’t buy anything. Except, i bought two cd’s and a bunch of MV’s just to entertain me while drivig back home. 😀

the tournament was HOT and CROWDED! Didn’t think it would be bad, but i guess, i totally forgot how stuffy it can get with people walking all over the place.

Anyways, like i mentioned, we left friday night around 5pm-ish and arrived in Mn at aond 4am-ish. We went and got a hotel place to stay in. Took a shower and slept for a good 2 hour and left to the tournament around 8am-ish there. When we got there, there was already hmong people walking down the street towards the tournament. we didnt’ park far, but i woudl say, it was a good ten minute walk. My pop was saying that we shoud have parked a good mile away to get that exercise of walking. lOl but half way down the walk, he was already complaining. lOl.

When we got to the entrance, we had to wait in line.

and my pop, he was saying that the tunnel we came from wasn’t there, well last year when he came, so i dont know. haha

Who knows, but the line was pretty long. haha, but with my pop’s way, we were able to get in quick. lOl.

Anyways, that morning, it seemed like there wouldn’t be any sun shine, but dang, once it hit around 11-ish there, you were able to feel the heat waves already. Hot tiag xwb os!

the tournament from the food side of the field. Now do keep in mind, we got there pretty early, so there weren’t that much people yet.

My old lay and i cruised around the market there and i only bought a few stuff. I was hoping to buy a hmong outfit, but didn’t see anything that i liked, so i ended up using my money on music. haha

Bought two albums:
Tsab Mim Xyooj – Hmo Qaim Hli [2010]
Pagnia Xiong – Ntseeg Kuv [2010]

and Music Video:
Yaj Sab Suab Hmoob V2
Muaj Kub Yaj MV 2
Tsab Mim Xyooj – Txog Rau tus Kuv Hlub
Maiv Huas Hawj – MV 13 Rev Paj txiaj Ntsha
Dej Nag Muas – Kauj Toog Npab
Lee Kong Xiong – MV2
Meej Vaj new MV

So far, i haven’t gotten the chane to watch any of the MV, which i’m doing slowly. 😀 haha

I didn’t stay long at the tournament since i wanted to go and hang out with my best fried Pachia! It’s been too long, waaayy too long!haha.

Overall, the tounament felt like every tournament, it wasn’t anything specal. I saw many of my cousins and their babies. Gosh, when my family left, they were still kids like me, and now they’re all married with kids. Andwaht do i have? lOl nothing yet. hahaha