Mall of America

After we went to the buffet, we decided to go to Mall of America just for the heck of it. It sucks, cause each time i come ot MOA, i end up using my money before coming to MOA. So i didn’t get anything, except bought stuff to drink and roamed around the stores. And i still haven’t gotten the chance to go all over MOA!  Dang! 

It took us what, 30 minutes to finally find a parking spot. and no, we weren’t trying to find a place that was close, we even trying roaming around the far parking lots, and still no luck. fnally we drove arond and saw a couple walking towards their car, taht’s when we decided to follow them and wait for their parking spot. We finaly foudn one, well, after a good long 30 minutes in the car. haha. we parked on the third floor and finally went in.

My brother saw their amusement park? in the mall and wanted to go for a ride. My friend, pachia, suggested that we og n their “Log chute” ride. It’s been forever since i’ve been on a ride too, so we went to go and buy our ticket. In order for a person to ride we each needed 6 points each, meaning, a total of 18 points for us three. We bought our ticket and waited in line for the ride. i gotta say, i was nervous when we slowly came upon our turn. lOl. We finally got on and wow, it was scary! lOl. the ride was a water ride where they take yu to the top and you fall instanly to the bottom. It was great though! lOl

My brother at the entrance of the ride.

It was fun at MOA. 😀 Definately had a great time with pachia too! hahaha