Rice Palace Buffet

I have heard from many that there is a hmong buffet in MN that is good and that they serve hmong food there too. You know the usual, Pho, Khauj Poob, nava, laab, fawm kaus, etc…  and so, i left the tournament with my best friend Pachia and we went to go try it out. My brother tag along also.  We went and i thought it would be good right? turns out, it was bad!

They had food that you woudl find at those chinese buffet along with hmong food.  I got my usual stuff that i would get a chinese buffet, and my gawdly! It was so bad. their vegetables were soggy as if they had serve the food from the night before.  their sauce that made the curry for the food was also nasty.  their meat were hard as if it was frozen. i mean, i’m not a professional to judge food, but eh, you know what you like and you know what’s good.  pachia said that there woudl be nqaij qab zib, sweet meat, but we didn’t see any. 

the only thing that i felt they didn’t messed up on is their pho and their fawm kauv [vietnamese egg rolls].  the rest,  had to say somthing bout it. haha.

When pachia and I wen up to get our pho and khauj poob, the guy there made such a cheesy joke, “You guys wnated Khauj ‘poob”?  cheesy i say.

Theyre hmong food:

Khauj Poob Npaj Nauj – too watery, plus, the sauce for it was not god too. blah.
Nava – too sweet, and such a weird taste.
Khauj Poob – too much coconut milk to it. you can barely taste anythign else. disgusting!
Laab – too plain, even i thought myhome made laab was mcuh better. 
White Rice – OMGAWD, who can mess up rice right?  Well tis restaurant can. It was hard, hard to chew, and ugh, it even tasted old. I was mad when i tasted the rice! It was sooo wasteful!!!

Yeap, that was all of their hmong dish that i saw or had.  If i were to rate this restaurant, i would say a 1/5 or probably .5/5.  I was not impress.  Defiantley not a resstaurant i woudl go to again. Plus, 12.95 for buffet too, man down here, buffets here are only 5.99 and for dinner 7.99.  I thought it wa too expensive for such food too. gah.. sucks, total waste of money going to a buffet!