OKHY Potluck this Saturdy!

Woot, day is coming by closer. Weather forecast says that there is a slight chace of rain on saturday, well 20% chance. Lets hope it doens’t rain too hard on saturday or best it doesnt’ rain at all!

I’m planning to bring a lot of stuff! and they are:

– Rice
– Charcoal
– Matches
– One bag of chicken leg I’m probably going to season it the night before.
– One watermelo
– Plates, Napkins

and i think that’s about it. I have to go prepare in case we don’t have all the things we need. Makes me worry too. lOl.

There will also be activities:

-water balloons IF they want.
– Volleyball
– Dodgeball
– Maybe Nrhiav Ya [Chinese jump rope] That means i’ll need to make one.

Hrrm, that’s all that i have now… I’m also wanting them to write their name down and put in a box, and later after we eat, it’ll give them enough time to mingle, they’re going to pull out a name and see if they can guess who that person is. If not, one penalty from the person they pick. lOl. I think that’ll be fun.

Any suggestions for activities to get to know one another? it’s been too long since i’ve doen these things, but i’m quite excited!!!

Aza! Txhob Ntshai! I can do it! 😀