Group Games

…and so, the OKHY is having their very first potluck/BBQ tomorrow at the zoo! Can’t wait to see how many youths show up and how many bought dishes to share with everyone. I’m hoping everyone bought atleast a dish or so to share because for sure us officers are not prepare to serve such a big group. 😀 Although rice would be provided, but who wants just rice right? Well, I would be making rice, i think 3 pots full of rice would be enough since i’m having my two officers each make one pot, so it should be good enough for all of us, right? Right. 😀

Well, back to topic, and so we’re having our first potluck and so we need activities. I was googling around and came upon a great site full of games/activities that i can play with the youths so one would get to know one another. I think it’ll be fun.

All thanks to Group Games! Check the site out, i think it’s a great site to go to when you need games idea and activities for a large group of people, even great for family get togethers and what nots. Anyways, ya gotta check it out. I found many interesting games and many games that i’ve played and had forgotten all about it. I love it! hahaha. Check it out!!!

Few of the games that we might play is definately Name Game.  This would be a great game to memorize name.  Since we’re going to have a big group, it’ll be harder for those that goes last. I think i’m going to change it a little bit to where the person will say their actual name instead of how Group Games had it in their instruction.  In their instruction, they instructed that you think of a word that describes yourself but it has to start with the first letter of your name.  So instead of that, i’ll just have them state their first and last name and go on from there.  Well, how the game is play is that the first person would mention their name, and than the next player will have to mention the previous person’s name and than their name.  For example, person 1 “Hi, my name is Lisa Xiong.” Person 2, “Hello, Lisa Xiong, My name is Michael Vue.” Person 3, “Hello, Lisa Xiong and Michael Vue, my  name is Mimi Lor.”  You get the sense of how it’s play? Yeah, you definately don’t want to be the last person. I’m pretty sure this game would be funny and a lot of memorizing. Haha. Oh well, it’s just a game. 😀

Yeah, that game is one amongst the other great games i’ve found on Group Game. 

Can’t wait to go and start meeting the Hmong youths here in town and or around town here. 😀 Woot Woot!