Kollaboration Tulsa!

Woot, i can’t wait to attend this event! It’ll be my first and hopefully not my last. Kollaboration is finally coming to Tulsa!  Check them out: Kollaboration.   It’s great what they’re doing, plus such great ways to find new talents and see new talents. You can check their youtube out too where they top competitors get together and do a cover of a top hit song. It’s cute and sounds wonderful too!

They just announced the 8 contestants that’s competing to win $1,000 and the first official Kollaboration Tulsa winner!

The 8 contestants:
~ Lase from Illego Aliens; Hip Hop
~ Dara Ounaphom; Vocal
~ Gary Xiong; Acoustic Guitar
~ Mona Moua; Acoustic Guitar
~ Noel Kunz; Yo Yo
~ Sara Tillotson: Piano
~ Pang Kou Xiong; Vocal
~ Erica Ngo and Khue Tran from Explosion Salseria; Jazz and Salsa Dance
Good luck to all contestants and may you be the best!

I seriously can’t wait to go and see this event. It’s exciting! Here is more information about Kollaboration in Tulsa! 

Once it hits July 14, i’m getting my tickets! muahahahhha. 😀