OKHY Potluck/BBQ, Success?

Lets just say i’m not too happy about the turn out of the potluck.  The quantity was great, but the quality of it.  I guess, i didn’t expect the unexpected.  Well, from the look of it, you get the sense of how the youths are here in town and around town.  I was hoping for everyone to start talking to different people that they don’t know, but everyone expected that everyone knew everyone.  Plus, if you introduce someone to someone out of their “click” they’ll be nice and say “Hi” but that’s all you get. They go straight back to their own “click.”

All i have to say, the socializing, meeting new faces, getting to know one another did not work out.  Next time, since we have our members signed up, we are just going to mainly invite those people only.  What we will have is that they can invite someone that is interested in joining our Hmong youth, but other than that, it would be only strictly for our members.  I think this is the best approach, that way those that come on a regular basis to our meetings would know one another and we can really get the socializing started. 

This potluck was a major failure at socializing.  I hope we officers would think of something that would work on our social skills of meeting new people and new faces.  Even i was a bit uncomfortable introducing myself to the youths, why? It was awkward.  Like i’ve told others, i don’t go out as much since i have a life that blocks all my social side of world.  I feel as if everyone wanted to do their own thing and also they showed no respect.  Oh well, we’ll have to work on that, socializing skills.  Yep, definately a workshop on it.

Anyways, the potluck was great, i guess.  We did have a minor incident there where they were playing volleyball and a pregnant lady went to ask her husband to see if they were leaving. She was standing there and someone spiked the ball and hit directly at her stomack. She instantly fell down and thank god! we had reliable parents there.  Or else, who knows what would happen.  I called 911 and the ambulance came right away.  The lady was having a hard time breathing and was sent to the hospital. So far, no words on her yet, although my secretary did go with them since she was very close to them.  After that incident, the potluck went downhill. The mood changed and people were starting to leave.  We wanted to do more activities or more talking to the youths, but nothing went well after that.  Slowly, everyone left one by one.  Some stayed back and mingled with the sports we had, some showed up at the end, ate and also left too. 

Anyways, it was, i’m not sure what i feel towards it.  So far, i’m leaning towards the downside.  *shakes head*

Better luck next time? Who knows…*looks down*