My Naib! I miss you!

Gah, after spending couple ours with him, he got me thinking about him day and night. I want to pinch his cheek, hold him, play with him, be with him, i just want him right here with me. 😀

I love it when he makes his sad faces or his pouting faces. So cute! Than he has those eyes that you can just fall into. He’s adorable! haha

I miss him already.

My naib! Isn’t he adorable? haha Messy boy! haha

Him smiling since i was going to give him my Cell phone.

Reaching for it!

I couldn’t get the last picture of him crying because he made a big fuss about it. I had to give my phone to him. haha.

Gah, I’ll be seeing you soon, Naib! 😀