Sapai Glai Peun Tiang ~ Thai Lakorn Review

A friend mentioned that i should watch this lakorn since i wanted something romantic and funny. This lakorn seriously got me laughing, giggling here and there. It was great! lOl. It is call, Sapai Glai Peun Tiang [Undeveloped Daughter-in-law]. Ofcourse, every lakorn has their ups and down, but i really enjoyed this Lakorn. I so love love love the pra’ek and Na’ek they put together. Ann and Chakrit were so cute and hot, very smexy i say. Especially when Chakrit makes his hopeless/sad/down face, it just melted my heart away! lOl. Aish, i know i know, how weird can i get? but i seriously love how Ann and Chakrit act in this lakorn. This is their first lakorn that they starr together AND i’m hoping for more of them together in the future!

Chakrit Yamnarm = Jormtup
Ann Thongprasom = Lalin/Prik
Aom Akkaphan Namart = Pat
Tarn Kanya Rattanapetch = Nampetch
Meji Pimaksiporn Wingomin = Sriyuda
Kunchai Kumnerdploy = Jormpon
Golf Benjapol cheuyaroon = Pooyai Boonchuay
Mam Jintara Sukapat = Khunying Lerlak
Jane Janesuda Parnto = Areeya/King

This lakorn contained 13 episodes and it’s a comedy/action/romantic genre.  You can watch the whole lakorn here. A special Thank you to YT user Anonymousblue2001 for uploading the lakorn!


Lalin or Prik is a cop in the  Crime Suppression Division in Bangkok.  She went came back home to help her  sister, Areeya, find the guy that got her pregnant.  Areeya wouldn’t tell who her boyfriend, Jormporn, is since her boyfriend told her that he didn’t want others to know about their relationship.  Jormporn had told Areeya that he is in America doing some bussiness there when really, he found another girl to play with, Patty, a model, who’s a gold digger.

Lalin found a bussiness card in Areeya’s room and thought that the name on the bussiness card, who is Jormporn’s younger brother, Jormtup, was Areeya’s boyfriend.   After many accusations from Lalin, she finally was told that Jormtup is the wrong person and not Areeya’s boyfriend. 

Soon enough, after meetings each other, Jorntup and Lalin, Jorntup got fed up with Lalin’s abusiveness and asked his father that he wanted to marry Lalin.  Lalin agreed to marry Jorntup all because of one purpose, to find Areeya’s boyfriend, Jormporn. 

Find out what happens after watching the lakorn. i bet you’ll fall in love with it like i did. 😀


Like i said, loved this lakorn. I’m pretty sure i can watch this over again, especially the lovey dovey moments between Ann and Chakrit. So cute! So far, this would be my third lakorn watching Ann as one of the leading characters. She has not disappointed me yet and i’ve enjoyed all her Lakorns so far. As for Chakrit, i think this would be my second lakorn. It was kinda weird at first to see Chakrit play a mama boy’s role, which i didn’t like at all, but it was still good for me.

Hrrm, if i were to rate this, i would give it a 4/5. Still good, but could have been better. I wished that they wouldn’t rush the ending, they could have made it more lovey dovey, but it just left me with the “Ugh, i wanted more from Lalin and Jormput” feeling. haha.