Gah, I am lagging on my speech and not sure what to really say for my speech on August 7th in front of the youth for our conference! Just thinking about it is making me nervous already! Haha. All day, I’ve been thinking and thinking of what i should say and something inspirational! So far, no luck! Gah, aza! less than two weeks before the event! I seriously need to get started or atleast have a good idea of what i want to say. I have what i need to say, but just not how i should say it. Aish… I hated speech, and i hate talking to a group of people. It just makes me even more nervous thinking of the amount of people that’s going to be there for the conference too. Ahhh! hahaha Pab lau! hehe.

This reminds me of back in middle school where we would give speeches on our paper for english and reading. We played this game where we went around to each person’s desk and wrote something positive about them. I got a lot of “You should be a public speaker!” “You’ll be a great public speaker!” “Vote! Public speaker!” now that i think about it, look at me, look at where i’m standing right now. The president of the Hmong Youth here in Oklahoma, the one who would be speaking to the public, in front of the youth and any big event that we will hold! Would this consider living up to what people think you would become? lOl..don’t know….

Aza! Txhob ntshai! Go ME!