D-Fine Men ~ New Hmong Band

AHhh, i just want to SCREAM! Why? This is by worse, the worse album i have ever heard! I’m disappointed, i am, really. Just knowing who’s in the band, and a little about their background, you would think it would be a good, decent album, but NOPE! It’s opposite. I may not be a expert, but i do know what’s good quality and what’s not, plus, this is my opinion. You may like them, but so far, i’m not feeling their songs.

Thank you to Kat for providing the album picture.

This is a new hmong band formed in Madison, Wi that just came out with their album this year, i guess during J4. Consists of four guys, Tsawb Yaj – yes, the Tsawb Yaj that sings independently and did a few duets with Maiv Neeb and some others, Patris Lor, Lee Yaj and Jalex Lor. I’m guessing Ntxoog Thoj is the girl that sings with them also, but didn’t see her on the cover.

They’re very, how would i put it, robotic? They need to work a lot more on their voice, that’s for sure. Seems like every instrument played was from a keyboard. Their lyrics? Hrrm, unsatisfying? It sure didn’t feel like they put much effort into thinking about their debut album. Plus, this is my first time hearing of them too.

Here is a sample of one of their song.

Another one:

So, what do you think?