Xav Nrog Koj Nyob ~ Maiv Huas Hawj

I got Maiv Huas Hawj’s new MV and was watching it. Eagh, nothing really catchy or really got my attention. There was one particular song that i thought was really cute, IF you were thinking from her perspective when she sings it. Great song for busy wife/mother/ and i guess you can say, girlfriends? But i would say this song pertains directly more to busy wives.

Looking back on my old lady, life is busy to even have some quiet/alone time with my pops. That’s why whenever it comes to Vday, motehr’s day, father’s day, birthdays of my parents, any special occasions, we kids tryto throw them something to show that we appreciate them and or send them off on a two day retreat or something. Life was never meant to be easy, that’s why we should always make time for our love ones, whether it’s just 2-3 minutes or even seconds. A simple “I love you,” or “I miss you,” will definately make your SOS feel special and show that you still love and care for them. 😀

Enjoy! Definately a song i dedicate to those who are busy with life and have that SOS by their side!

Loving this song, I’m goign to try my best to translate this song, to the best of my knowledge ofcourse. 😀

Singer: Maiv Huas Hawj
Song: Xav Nrog Koj Nyob

Xav nrog koj nyob ntsiag ntsiag ob leeg
I want to stay quietly with you
xav hnov koj lub suab seev dua ib zaug li thaum ua nkauj nraug
I want to hear you voice again like when we were still going out
sib yuav los ntev kev sib ceg los muaj ntau ntau
We’ve been marry long with many arguments
zaum puav ntshe maub ua dhau siab siab koj lawm, thov txim
At times i may have gone overboard and hurt you, sorry

hauj lwm ntxhov nyho tsis muaj sij hawm
There’s so many things to do and not enough time
yuav los nrog koj sib tawb sib qawb ib pliag ua sis
to just mingle and play with you
ntshe koj twb tu siab nrho los ntev kawg li
you’re probably upset with me for some time
tias cas tau ib tug niam twb tsis txawj hlub koj li
that you have a wife who doens’t know how to love you

yog tsis hlub koj ces yeej tsis los nrog koj nyob
if i didn’t love you than i wouldn’t be living with you
vim yog yeej hlub koj tiag sau siab nrog koj ua neej
because of loving you so much i came to be a part of your life
kom txawj sib hlub ua ib lub neej nyob luag ntxhi
to know how to love and live together happily
hlub koj ib leeg ib txhis hlub koj mus tag ib sim
Loving only you forever for the rest of my life

hmo no me nyuam tsaug zog tag lawm
tonight the kids are asleep
thov koj txav ib qhov chaw pw ib nkawg sib tham ib pliag
please make me some space to just have a little talk
hais lus zoo li thaum sib ntsib thawj zaug ib pliag
talking sweetly when we used to date one another
seb puas yuav zoo lu bsiab vim tias nco koj tshaj tiag
to see if it will soothe our hearts because i miss you dearly

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