Hmong Joke

Ok, so i’ve seen this floating around one of the hmong forums that i go too. I knew i saw it somewhere so i HAD to go back and see if it was what i thought it was, and it was! It was shared by Moze Moua, check out her blog, and here i am, seeing it again. That cousin of mines, sending random things to me that i’ve seen already and it’s still very interesting what she sends me. hahaha.

Well, i couldn’t stop laughing at this, but the sad thing was that when i first saw it, i didn’t have a clue what the joke was until Moze mentioned it out, “my name her name, her name my name” translation: “my name is HerNeng, her name is Mai Neng.” Yeah, i know, i’m slow at these type of jokes. hahha

Haha, i had to share it. 😀

Oh yeah, forgot to mention this, there is the cop version too. It goes like this…

“There were two married Hmong couple driving down the road when a cop pulled them over.  The police asked the husband, “What is your name?”  The husband answer, “My name is Her Neng.”  The plice officer said, “What?”  The husband repeated, “My name is Her Neng.”  Still, the police officer was still confused, so he than asked, “Ok, what is her name?”  The husband said, “Her name is Mai Neng.” 

lOl i acutally like this one better. Hilarious! This one got me giggling more. hahaha