RANT ~ Hmong Dance Songs

Like seriously!? I’m just very irritated right now. I’m surfing on youtube just randomly watching hmong dance group dance their way into winning competition and do you know what i hear all the time whenever i watch them group dance dance too? THE SAME FREAKEN SONG! It’s like the same songs over and over and over and over again EACH YEAR! Like omfreakenGAWD, do you NOT listen to new music anymore? Let me name out some songs that i hear repeatedly over the year and yearly!

Sua Lauj – Thov Kom Hmoob Sib Hlub
Maiv Xis Lauj – Xyoo Tshiab Rov Los Txog
Maiv Xis Muas – Thov Kom Hmoob Sib Hlub
Maiv Xis Muas – Lub Neej Toj Siab
Maiv Xis Muas – Xyoo Tshiab
This one song from Maim Tseeb Tseeb
and OMFG! Dude, i think we all know this song is coming, Salavan!
Salawan Ramwong by Jonas Anderson and or the one by Christy and Jonas and there’s another one by these two thai singer too.

These are like the same songs i hear EACH YEAR! It gets very annoying hearing it over and over again. Although it’s danced to different dance group, but seriously, you want to stand out and you want others to remember your group. Being in a dance group once, teaching couple of dance group througout my life, i wouldn’t want to do the same song as other dance group. If you’ve heard of others danced to the song, find something else. Make them feel like “damn, that was a good song to dance too.”

*sigh* Just had to let this out. Gah…